Getting Locked out of Your Car in Broomfield, CO

Getting Locked out of Your Car in Broomfield, CO

Flatirons Locksmiths, locked out, car, lost keyCar manufacturers are always coming out with the latest and greatest technology year after year. This includes car security and how we gain access to our vehicles. Whilst these added security measures are great to keep people from stealing our vehicles, what happens when we lose our keys?

Years ago a good old coat hanger or piece of wire could get you into your car, and finding a replacement key was not so hard either. In today’s market, cars come with high security laser cut and sidewinder keys and transponder chips that communicate with the computers onboard immobilizer, which makes these keys not so easy to replace.

We are all human and losing a set of keys can be easy to do. Whether they fall out of your pocket, or you drop them without noticing, a missing set of car keys can be more than an annoyance. You may have a backup set that you can quickly grab from inside, but believe me, it can be easy to lose that backup set too and then you are facing the possibility of not being able to get into your car at all, let alone start the car. You could visit a car dealership but towing it to them and then paying dealer prices for new key can get expensive.

The good news is Flatirons Locksmiths may be able to help. Our locksmiths can not only open your vehicle but duplicate and even originate these specialty keys. We can help with popular brands such as Honda, Acura, Kia, GM, Ford, Jeep, Chrysler, Dodge, Hyundai, Mazda, Nissan, Infinity, Subaru, Mitsubishi, Toyota and Lexus. What this means is even when you have lost every set of car keys you own, we can cut you a key that both opens your car and works in the ignition to start it as well and get you on your way no matter where you are.

If you are in need of locksmith services in Broomfield CO, contact us today at Flatirons Locksmiths. We can help you with your residential, commercial & automotive locksmith needs.