Flatirons Locksmiths: Colorado Doesn’t Regulate Locksmiths, Leaving Customers Vulnerable

Flatirons Locksmiths: Colorado Doesn’t Regulate Locksmiths, Leaving Customers Vulnerable

Flatirons Locksmiths, locked out, car, home, lost key, Beware of Scammers Let’s face it, if you’re calling a locksmith, you’re probably desperate. You are either locked out of your car or home, or you have lost a key you need to be able to drive your car. Unfortunately, opportunists and crooks find ways to take advantage of desperate people. The locksmith industry has its share of dishonest people.

Some locksmiths will tell you one price over the phone and then once they get to your location, add charges you aren’t expecting. If you refuse, they will try to charge you a cancellation charge as well as a trip charge. Some locksmiths just brazenly over-charge you, believing that you won’t be in any position to call around to get the best prices.

According to the Boulder Weekly article, “Don’t Get Taken” by Elizabeth Miller, Colorado does not license the locksmiths that serve the people in Colorado, so it allows people with little experience or bad intentions to scam customers,

“The Better Business Bureau for Denver and Boulder has more than 20 F-rated locksmiths just in their service area and says that in a recent year, they received almost 50 complaints against locksmiths.”

Be especially wary of companies that only advertise very general information about themselves, when you call them ask for the name of the business and where they are located, if they can’t tell you then they are not local. If anything seems a little off then it probably is, don’t trust anyone until they can prove to you where they are and what their final price is going to be when they get out to you. Please contact us for a reliable locksmith you can trust. We are tired of people being taken advantage of when they need help. We are proud of our customer reviews, and make everything about us available right on our website.

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