Dangers of Self-Service Key Machines in Broomfield Colorado

Dangers of Self-Service Key Machines in Broomfield Colorado

Flatirons Locksmiths, Broomfield, Colorado, Self-Service Key MachinesSelf-service key machines are everywhere, and can make it very convenient to obtain duplicate keys. Unfortunately, this presents some security challenges as well. Are self-serve key machines a good idea or not? You may not have given them a second thought before, but here are some things you should think about.

In the past, high security locks were marked with keys labeled “do not duplicate.” This engraving served to remind locksmiths not to make copies of a particular key. Self-service kiosks do not read these engravings, and will make copies of keys regardless of their markings.

If the idea of high security keys being duplicated easily frightens you, consider this. Advanced technology makes it possible to scan certain keys with a smart phone in order to duplicate them. After scanning, you can then order new keys online or have them made at certain kiosks. You can also “store” them in the event your originals are lost.

While scanning keys with a smart phone may seem like a good idea, imagine what can happen if this technology falls into the wrong hands. An unethical person could “scan” your keys in order to have duplicates made later. If your smart phone was lost or stolen, someone else could easily have access to your keys if you have images of them stored. If you also have other apps that give your address, that information could be accessed to gain entry to your home or business.

These advances in technology should have you thinking about how secure your locks really are. If there’s a chance that someone else has accessed your keys, you could be in danger. Rather than simply replacing your locks, contact us. We can show you high security locks that will be more difficult for others to access, ensuring your family and property is as safe as possible.

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