Flatirons Locksmiths: Placing a safe in your home to protect your valuables!

Flatirons Locksmiths: Placing a safe in your home to protect your valuables!

2 hour fire rated safeHome invasion can be a real concern these days and protecting your valuables, not to mention important documents is critical. Let us examine the pros and cons of owning a safe.

Your valuables and important documents are not only protected from theft but also from fire should you get a fire rated safe. We recommend that you get at least a 2 hour fire rated safe which should survive most fires!

Yes, your valuables may be insured for fire or theft but saving yourself the hassle of making a claim and making sure you include them in your police report as well as replacing them is well worth the investment in a good safe. Not to mention the sentimental value that cannot be replaced for family heirlooms.

Your important documents can also be replaced, but again you have the hassle of reporting to the police what was stolen for identity theft purposes and then the potential of identity theft itself. This would not only mean unnecessary trips to the governmental agencies to replace birth certificates, passports etc. but countless hours and expense repairing your identity.

There is no real disadvantage to owning a safe other than maybe the upfront cost of purchasing one and having it installed professionally which, as we demonstrated above, is far outweighed by the pros.

One may argue that you can forget the combination to a safe or lose the key but that is the same as forgetting your password to your online banking account or losing the key to your house which is no reason to forgo these measures.

One could also argue that a criminal could crack a safe but most criminals are not as sophisticated in safe cracking techniques as the movies portray them to be. Sure, even a safe can be cracked (I know, we do it all the time) but it is a terrific deterrence and unless a criminal knows that you have a safe and that you store something of extreme value to them they will not attempt it.

So unless there is something that I have not mentioned, I believe the pros to owning a safe far outweigh the cons. I would welcome any feedback and your thoughts about this post.

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