Flatirons Locksmiths: Let a Boulder CO Locksmith Rekey Your Home or Office

Flatirons Locksmiths: Let a Boulder CO Locksmith Rekey Your Home or Office

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Locks provide a level of security for all of us, whether it’s our car, our home or business. Completely replacing locks throughout the home or office can be quite costly, though. Consider hiring a trusted locksmith in the Boulder, CO area to rekey your existing locks, a process that can be performed for a fraction of the cost of new locks.

Why Rekey?

Rekeying adds a level of safety. How many copies of your keys are floating around? Do the former residents still have a key? Did you retrieve a key from the employee you fired last month? What about the contractor that did some repairs while you were out of town last year? Could he have made a duplicate copy?

Convenience is another perk of rekeying your locks. A locksmith can rekey all your home’s locks so that only a single key is needed. If you own multiple properties, a locksmith can create a master key, eliminating the confusion and inconvenience of carrying numerous keys. In fact, if you lease rental properties, some states require that you rekey the locks in between each tenant.

What’s involved?

Rekeying is a quick and easy process for a professional locksmith. It involves changing the tumblers of a lock cylinder with different sized tumblers. A new key that coincides with the new tumblers will now be the only key that will work the lock.

Most basic locks have a Grade 1, 2 or 3 rating from the American Standards Institute, which indicates rekeying can easily be done. If your locks cannot be rekeyed, a professional locksmith will be able to determine this and simply replace the entire lock for you.

Experience increased convenience and security by rekeying your locks. Contact us with all your locksmith needs.

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