Flatirons Locksmiths: Purchased a new home in Boulder CO? Get a local Boulder CO locksmith!

Flatirons Locksmiths: Purchased a new home in Boulder CO? Get a local Boulder CO locksmith!

New Home OwnersCongratulations on your new home! Even though you may be inundated with moving tasks and your head swirling with to do lists, make sure that one of the first things on your priority list above all else is changing your locks. Fortunately this task is an easy and inexpensive one for you. Your local locksmith in Boulder, CO, Flatirons Locksmiths can schedule an appointment to meet you at your new home to rekey all of your locks the same day you take possession or soon after and they will provide you with as many copies of the new key as you need.

If the previous homeowners were anything like most homeowners, there are probably a plethora of people who have copies of the keys you now hold in your hands. Neighbors, friends, family, dog walkers, nannies, maids, even co workers might have free access to your home with these old keys. You do not want any unexpected guests showing up at any given time and letting themselves in, whether you are home or not.

Even if you have purchase a new construction, changing the locks is important since most builders not only give out keys to sub-contractors as they finish the final portions of your new home but often times those locks are master keyed when installed so the builders and selling agents only need one key to enter all of their properties. There’s no telling how many of those master keys are circulating around, no matter how many previous owners your home had.

A foreclosed house not only will have keys that might be with prior owners and whomever they handed them out to, but they also have copies circulating with real estate agents, auction companies, and mortgage companies.

To prevent yourself from being the target of a crime, or even just minor inconvenience when someone you don’t know walks in, take the time and minor cost to change your locks.

You can either have your locks changed entirely; choosing all new fixtures that might fit the decor you envision, or you can simply rekey the locks that are currently in place. Rekeying simply makes the other keys worthless and unable to unlock the door. You might also take the time to evaluate if you could use an additional deadbolt or two for added protection. No matter the task, Flatirons Locksmiths, a local Boulder CO locksmith, can work with you to determine the best solution.

For more information about changing the locks in your new home, please contact us today!

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