Flatirons Locksmiths: What to expect when you are locked out and call a locksmith.

Flatirons Locksmiths: What to expect when you are locked out and call a locksmith.

Waiting for service callWhen you are locked out of your car or home, what can you expect from Flatirons locksmiths when you call us for help? Firstly, lockouts are our number one priority, we understand that you are locked out and what that feels like so we do everything we can to get to you as fast a possible, especially when it is cold outside. We can in most cases get to you within about 20 – 25 minutes, sometimes faster and sometimes a little longer but we will always be there as fast as we can. All our techs are instructed to head straight to you when dispatched but they are also instructed to obey the speed limit and other traffic laws so they arrive to you safely. Sometimes they may be just finishing up at another client or they could be a little ways away from you so we just ask that you allow for these scenarios that are beyond our control.

Once at your location the technician will assess what needs to be done, write up a work order and confirm the pricing with you before proceeding with any work so as to protect you and us. It protects you because you know exactly what you will be paying and have it in writing before any work is performed. It protects us because we now have legal permission from you to “break” into your property. Always make sure that no matter who you use gives you pricing in writing before completing the work, we have heard of many people who had the work done and then were presented with a bill they did not expect that was a little outrageous to say the least.

All of our methods of reentry to your home or vehicle are industry approved methods and most of them are completely non-destructive to your property. We have never damaged a vehicle and in most cases we can pick the lock to your home without damaging it also. There are cases though sometimes where the lock to your home is either a high security lock or just can’t be picked for some reason. In these cases we will most likely need to drill out the lock. This usually only destroys the lock though and we can then simply replace it with a new one and that is that. If we do need to replace the lock, we will try to make sure it is as close to the one you had if not identical and we can also rekey it to work with your same key. Our goal is that after we leave, everything is functioning just as it was before and you are completely satisfied with our work.

We love what we do and helping you in a difficult situation gives us a tremendous amount of satisfaction. We look forward to serving you when you need us.

Flatirons Locksmiths operates in Boulder & Broomfield County in Colorado, answering calls to Boulder co, Broomfield co, Superior co, Louisville co, Lafayette co, Erie co, Niwot co & Longmont co. We look forward to serving you! Call us at 303-586-6496.

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