Using a Locksmith in Broomfield to Maintain Your Rental Properties

Using a Locksmith in Broomfield to Maintain Your Rental Properties

Broomfield Locksmith Rental Properties Flatirons Locksmiths KeysIf you own a few properties in Broomfield, there is no doubt that you will go through various tenants. While it would be ideal to keep the same keys for every tenant, this is not a smart idea, which means you should rekey your locks every time a tenant moves out and a new one moves in. It is ideal to use the same locksmith for locksmith-related services as you can build a relationship that improves your overall experience and makes it quite a bit easier to get the work you need done.

Offer Lock Picking for Your Tenants

While it is not an obligation to offer a recommendation of service to your tenants, you can always help them out by offering lock-picking services through your locksmith. Although most tenants will make an extra key before they get locked out, and make sure to have it on them or hidden somewhere, there is an off-chance that a tenant of yours will appreciate the assistance you can provide indirectly. This also helps you out after hours so you are not disturbed on your time off at home.

Master Keying Your Locks

To manage your properties more efficiently it is wise to also manage your keys more efficiently as well. Flatirons Locksmiths can create a master key system for each of your properties or if you have a master key system already we can work with that system and make sure it continues to work for you into the future. By having a master key you can get into each apartment with only a single key, this makes life much easier for yourself and all your staff.

Fix or Replace Door Locks

Locks are like anything else, they need some attention from time to time and even may need to be replaced once they become too old and worn out. By having a locksmith maintain and install all your locks you are ensuring proper care & installation thus extending the longevity of your locks. Find out why many property managers already entrust their locks to Flatirons Locksmiths.

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