Flatirons Locksmiths, a full service locksmith company Tip#17

Ignition SwitchFlatirons Locksmiths, a full service locksmith company Tip#17. Ignition keys are rather important to us yet so many people only have one. If you happen to lose that one while you are out and about you can find yourself locked out of your car but even if you can get in you will be a little stranded to say the least. Therefore we always recommend having more than one and either keeping it at home or with a family member. Should you however lose that one key, never fear as we can in most cases make a key for your type of vehicle.

Most late model vehicles have a transponder chip, which, even if the key fits the ignition and turns it the vehicle will not operate. We are able to program that chip to your vehicle’s specifications so you can be on your way without the huge expense of towing and paying the dealer for a new key as well.

Flatirons Locksmiths operates in Boulder & Broomfield County in Colorado, answering calls to Boulder, Broomfield, Superior, Louisville, Lafayette, Erie, Niwot & Longmont. We look forward to serving you! Call us at 303-586-6496.

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