Flatirons Locksmiths, a full service locksmith company Tip#16

Filling cabinet lockFlatirons Locksmiths, a full service locksmith company Tip#16. Lost your key to your file cabinet or desk drawer? No problem, in many cases a good locksmith will be able to make a key to work in your desk drawer or filing cabinet so you do not always need to replace the lock. Ask your locksmith if they can make a key for you before going through the hassle of looking for the right kind of replacement lock to fit your filling cabinet or desk drawer.

If you lose the key to your home or office however, the best solution is for us to re-key the cylinder to fit a new key altogether. In the case of a lost or stolen key we will pick the lock to your home or office and open up the cylinder to change out the internal pins to fit the new key. In the case that you have a high security lock though we may not be able to pick the lock and will in most cases need to drill that lock to open up the door in which case we will replace the lock with a new one and a of course a new key.

Flatirons Locksmiths operates in Boulder & Broomfield County in Colorado, answering calls to Boulder, Broomfield, Superior, Louisville, Lafayette, Erie, Niwot & Longmont. We look forward to serving you! Call us at 303-586-6496.

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