When You’re Locked Out, Don’t Lose A Fortune Getting Back In

When You’re Locked Out, Don’t Lose A Fortune Getting Back In

Flatirons Locksmiths, Locked Out, house, car keys, door, home, house keys, locksmithEver left the house for a quick errand and taken the spare set of car keys on the hook by the door? That quick errand gets a lot longer when you arrive home without house keys, and realize you are now locked out. A quick phone call to summon a qualified locksmith takes only a minute, and help is on the way. Then, while waiting, you begin to wonder how much it will cost.

The Reason For A Service Call Charge

Customers do not like paying for a service call charge and most businesses prefer to not charge one. The reality is that skilled workers and vehicles cost money. This is the basic reason for a service charge. It covers the time of the worker and the cost of getting to a location.

What Is A Service Call Charge?

The service call charge covers the basic cost of service outside of a fixed location. It is the combined total of the cost of using the vehicle and the labor charge for the craftsman. When the vehicle is larger or the craftsman more skilled, there is a larger cost for the company. Prices vary by industry, and the service charge reflects this fact.

Why Do Service Charges Vary For The Same Service?

Costs and philosophy of operation are two reasons service charges vary within an industry. Some companies may travel further to reach their customers. Sadly, some companies see service calls, whether or not service is necessary, as a profitable part of the industry. Another factor why service call charges vary for the same company would be time of day or the day of the week such as a weekend or a holiday. It costs more for labor outside of normal business hours than it does during.

Cost of the service provided

The cost of the actual service provided is always going to be in addition to the service call charge, for instance, a lockout will be a different price to making a key for your car or repairing or installing a lock or rekeying the locks to your home etc. Our lockout charges are also a fixed rate though so there are no surprises and we will always quote it for you over the phone before dispatching anyone to your location so you know upfront what the service will cost overall.

If you get accidentally locked out of your home in the counties of Broomfield or Boulder CO, please contact us. We offer a reasonable rate to get you into your home without emptying your wallet and with no surprises.