Consult a Locksmith When Looking to Get a Safe Installed in Your Broomfield Home.

Consult a Locksmith When Looking to Get a Safe Installed in Your Broomfield Home.

Flatirons Locksmiths, Locksmith, Safe, Installed, Broomfield, HomeWhile your home may normally be a safe place to store valuable items, this does not mean it always will be, depending on the situation. With this in mind, you may find it very valuable to get a safe installed in your home, and especially one that meets your specific protection needs. A standard homeowner may be concerned with one issue, but you may be concerned with a different one, so understanding the different kinds of protection that a safe can give will help you decide on one.

Protection against Fire

Most homeowners are concerned with fire causing damage over other concerns. It is most likely for a fire to happen and destroy important items or documentation compared to other potential dangers. In this case, a fire safe may be the perfect choice, but you must delve into the details before buying. For those that want to keep papers safe from damage in a fire, the temperature inside cannot exceed 350 degrees, so this must be taken into consideration when analyzing fire safes. There are also many different classifications of fire proofing out there and many different ratings. You want to make sure your safe is UL or ETL rated, meaning that it has been evaluated by the independent organizations Underwriters Laboratories or Intertek. You also want to make sure that your safe is rated for a long enough time to withstand a fire, I always recommend a 2 hour rated safe but 1 hour may be sufficient in some circumstances. I do not however recommend a 30 minute rated fire safe as this probably would not do the job youwant it to do, what a shame it would be to spend the money on a safe and for it not to do the job you purchased it for!

Prevent Burglary

Although commercial safes pay more attention to burglary protection, you can still get a residential safe that provides more than substantial protection. Homeowners can benefit from just having a safe in general, and this is because the majority of burglars are not interested in spending a lot of time trying to get into a safe that may not be worthwhile. For those that want maximum protection, going with a heavy duty safe can definitely deter burglars from trying to take it away.

Water Resistance

If you are worried about water causing damage to items of importance, you can always get a safe that focuses on this kind of protection. Not too many people are concerned with this type of feature but if you are we can help you find your perfect safe.

Ideas of what to keep in your safe:

Birth Certificates, Will, Passports, Social Security cards, Life Insurance Policy, Stock and Bond Certificates should you have any, Titles to your vehicles, Any Estate planning docs in addition to your Will, other valuables such as the wife’s pearl necklaces and such, Some emergency cash & any other legal documentation that might be hard to replace.

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