Use a Deadbolt Lock with New Technology to Secure Your Broomfield Home

Use a Deadbolt Lock with New Technology to Secure Your Broomfield Home

High Security DeadboltDeadbolt locks have been around for more than a century, but they started off as “jimmy-proof” locks. These lock are great for protecting homes against criminals, but they are not impenetrable. It is important not to underestimate the added security of a high quality deadbolt lock, but it is necessary to realize that there are several factors that go into the overall effectiveness of these locks.

According to an article by Maple Ridge News, deadbolt locks are still ideal for home security, but with a minor twist of modern technology:

These don’t use the traditional standard key everyone is familiar with, but rather a specially designed key that uses new pin technology and key control systems to stymie thieves.

Modern Technology Does Not Always Yield Better Protection

While this new technology may help prevent criminals from getting in to your Broomfield home, this is not the only aspect that matters when it comes to improving the security of your doors. It is also worth knowing that systems using keypads, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth have been seeing a lot of popularity, but these features are more of a convenience rather than an improvement to the effectiveness of a deadbolt lock. Not all deadbolts are created equal and just the fact that they may have new & modern technology doesn’t necessarily mean they are the most secure. It is always wise to consult your local locksmith and work with them to get the right balance of High Security & Modern Technology in your new locks.

Proper Installation Is a Necessity

There are many things that go in to installing a deadbolt correctly, improper installation could render your new high security deadbolt much less effective. Properly installing a hardened strike plate for instance could prevent a criminal from being able to kick down the door and gain entry. The installation of all the necessary components in the right order and placement is key to making your high security deadbolt as impenetrable as possible.

Spend More to Get More

With deadbolt locks coming in at a wide variety of price ranges, it is important to understand that cheap deadbolt locks are generally going to provide cheap quality security. If you value the security of your home, spending a little more can go a long way and upgrading your deadbolt should be an easy decision.

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