Avoid Rogue Locksmiths in Broomfield, CO

Avoid Rogue Locksmiths in Broomfield, CO.

Locksmith scam alertRogue locksmiths are becoming a real issue across the nation, with the BBB unable to track them due to their fly-by-night habits. Citizens looking for a locksmith in Broomfield CO need to be on guard and recognize the signs of a rogue locksmith. Finding a trusted locksmith, and staying with that locksmith for routine and emergency situations, needs to be top priority for every consumer.

1. The Business

Find out if the business is operating locally or in many parts of the country. Although they may have a local phone number with modern technology these days they could actually be in another part of the country or the world answering the phone. They will then proceed to give you a very vague idea of price and promise that someone will call you in a few minutes and that they are just 20 minutes away while chances are they are on the opposite side of the Metro area. Flatirons Locksmiths operates only in Boulder & Broomfield counties not the entire Metro area, additionally any valid business is highly visible and has very explicit marketing like a real business logo with the business name in it, a business address on their website etc.

2. Phone Services

Call the business and find out how they answer the phone. One of the first signs of a fake business is a generic answer, such as, “Locksmith services”. A professional business will always identify themselves with the full name of the business. Don’t volunteer your location but instead ask them what their service area is. If they can’t tell you that they service the Boulder area for instance but need to know from you where you are then you know they are not actually local.

3. Estimates and Money

Can the locksmith give you an estimate for the work, and is he or she willing to put that estimate in writing? Is the person on the phone pushy or in a hurry to complete the transaction? Anyone who will not commit to a number before the work is done or who wants to get through the interaction quickly should not be trusted. While Flatiron Locksmiths believes in high quality work on a reasonable time schedule, they will also take the time to ask your name and go over the specifics of your job. Additionally, remember that locksmith work is moderately priced. If someone quotes you a price that seems too low, be wary. Fly-by-night operations often quote you a low starting price just to get you to agree to have the technician dispatched, once the technician gets out there the price all of a sudden jumps astronomically and often times they do the job incorrectly then disappear before you can ask for a refund.

Flatiron Locksmiths has fair and reasonable pricing and we will always quote each job before performing it. Why pay the scam artist then have to pay a real locksmith to fix what they screwed up? Use a trustworthy locksmith from the beginning to avoid any further headaches.

4. Identification and Insurance

Find out if the company is insured. If anything happens on your property, you want the craftsmanship and the worker covered. Additionally, ask for the name of the technician who will be coming to your aid. Write down the name then compare it to the identification of the person who shows up to help you. You have every right to ask for this information; anyone who refuses it is not to be trusted. Expect the locksmith to ask for your identification as well; this protects everyone. And remember, if these rogue companies were easy to identify, they would not be thriving in business and such a huge problem today.

If you have any other questions, please contact us right away. We love hearing from you!

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