Should You Get Your New High-Tech Car Key From the Dealership or a Locksmith?

Should You Get Your New High-Tech Car Key From the Dealership or a Locksmith?

Flatirons Locksmiths, Car Key, Dealership, Locksmith, high-tech keys, transponder chipIt has finally happened! You have lost the last key you have for your car. Of course, it is not a normal car key like the ones from twenty years ago. It was one of those new high-tech keys with a transponder chip inside it. You know that you are going to have to replace it, but you do have choices. You can return to the dealership for new keys or select a professional locksmith. Here are a few reasons why a locksmith is the best choice for replacing your car key with a transponder chip inside.


A locksmith will come to your home or wherever you might be to replace your lost car key. You will not get this type of response from your car dealership. If you choose to get a new key from Honda, Ford or other car company, you will have to make arrangements to tow your vehicle there yourself. Without the hassle of arranging transportation or driving out of your way, your local locksmith will get you back on the road with new keys in no time.

Fair Pricing

As with most things at the dealer your car dealership will usually charge you a lot for a new key. They say that the bulk of the cost comes from programming the transponder chip inside. Without the proper programming, the car will not start with a new key. A locksmith will charge you considerably less for the same key. It will be more expensive than a low-tech key, but a fraction of what you would typically pay at the dealership for one with a transponder chip.

Customer Service

When you arrive at the car dealership, they may not get to your vehicle right away and in many cases it could sit there for a couple days or over the weekend before your key is ready. Hiring a locksmith ensures you will receive fast & friendly service. The professional technician will make sure you get exactly what you need and that the key works properly before leaving. He is there to help you.

At Flatirons Locksmiths, we are dedicated to getting your new key completed, and you on your way fast. If you have any questions or need a new key with a transponder, contact us today. Nomor Togel Hari Ini