Flatirons Locksmith’s Tips for Keeping Commercial Buildings Crime Free

Flatirons Locksmith’s Tips for Keeping Commercial Buildings Crime Free

Commercial BuildingAccording to Colorado Bureau of Investigation’s figures, more than 25,000 burglaries took place across the Centennial State in 2012. That’s not even counting the 3,000+ robberies and 98,000+ larceny incidents that were also reported. With that said, we wanted to offer a few of our tips for keeping commercial buildings crime free:

High Security Locks & Doors

One great way to keep commercial building crime free is to install high security locks. Today’s high security locks come in an array of designs. These locks are fashioned out of heavy-duty materials and feature hardened metals and impossible to pick cylinders. It should also be noted that whichever high security locks are chosen, the doors and frames involved should be made more impenetrable as well with things like latch guards, reinforced hinges etc. Otherwise, criminals are likely to bypass the lock and simply break down the door.

Remember to Re-Key

It is also important to remember to re-key as needed. Excellent times to re-key a business are when there has been a change of management or keys have “magically” gone missing. Doing so should help to cut down on the chances that disgruntled employees, vendors or delivery drivers will return to the commercial building after hours. We also recommend using Do-Not-Duplicate keys to give to all your employees, that way, when they return them upon completion of their employment you can be certain they were not able to make any duplicates of that key.

Commercial Door Closers

When many people think of building security, they don’t necessarily think of commercial door closers. However, they really should. Think about it for a moment. How many times are people in and out of the office? If you keep your latch set to lock every time the door closes and the door closer pulls the door shut after every time it is opened then people can’t just wander in who don’t have any business being there. If you have valuable equipment or sensitive data this set up is extremely effective in protecting them.

Cash Registers & Safes

Lastly, if you have a cash register and keep any cash at all on the premises then you must install a depository safe, this may help to reduce crime too. A properly installed deposit safe is impossible to remove without heavy equipment which may be very difficult to get into the building and will make a great deal of noise. At the very least, it will make it harder for the criminals to abscond with the firm’s funds. We say properly installed because we have seen deposit safes that are now very well installed which would just make the would be criminals job that much easier.

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