Flatirons Locksmiths: Safe Cracking Can Make Your Dreams Come True.

Flatirons Locksmiths: Safe Cracking Can Make Your Dreams Come True.

Storage unitIf you are a fan of the A&E reality show, Storage Wars, perhaps you have heard about how a man named John bought an abandoned storage locker at auction and became instantly wealthy. The show is all about a group of “characters” that buy these lockers hoping to recoup their investment by finding something inside of great value. The catch is, they buy them after only a brief glance from a few feet away.

There have been a number of instances when these lockers contain your typical, small, fire-proof safe that many of us use for important papers. Safe-cracking one of these involves a hammer, chisel and brute strength. On occasion however, they will find a large combination safe that will require the services of an experienced safe-cracker.

A safe-cracker can be called upon when you find an old safe in your grandma’s attic or more likely, when you forget the combination on your own safe. Having a safe at home is a smart way to safeguard important items and deter theft but can be a nightmare when you forget the combination. This is when you call us.

The guy on Storage Wars found his treasure ($500,000 in gold and doubloons) in an old chest, in tupperware containers, no safe-cracker required. In another instance, Brandy and Jarrod bought a locker containing an old, heavy combination safe in which they found a treasure in old coins and paper currency. The safe-cracker became their instant best friend.

When you need the services of a safe-cracker, contact us.

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