Flatirons Locksmiths Locksmith News: Are Levers Poised to Replace the Traditional Door Knob Lock?

Flatirons Locksmiths Locksmith News: Are Levers Poised to Replace the Traditional Door Knob Lock?

Door Knob LocksIn Canada, new building codes have been altered to include a new and interesting law- no more door knob locks. In Vancouver, BC, the law states that no new construction can include a door knob lock, only levers can be used in both building and new home construction. However, homes or buildings that already use these locks will be permitted until replacement.

In response to the media hub bub that ensued, Popular Mechanics Magazine (based in the USA) responded by stating, “Good. Levers are the way of the future.” This tongue in cheek remark was one of many made by news publications throughout the U.S.

The real threat of traditional door knob locks is almost non-existent these days. Door locks of this type have been adapted and upgraded over time making them relatively hard to pick. Though these locks do not offer the protection of a high security lock or dead bolt style lock, they do still offer the home owner or business owner some protection.

Here are some tips for keeping your home entry doors safe from intruders:

Use a solid door. Hollow doors offer little protection, and are not designed to handle the impact associated with blunt force.

Always lock all entrances of your home, even if you only intend to be away from the home for a few minutes. Consider locking your deadbolt for added security.

Make sure sliding doors to the home are secured properly, and use additional securing measures so the latch is not the only thing you rely on.

Ask your locksmith to suggest the right lock for your home entry doors. Have the smith add cylinder guards around lock cylinders for added protection.

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