Flatirons Locksmiths: Computerized Car Key Replacement for Broomfield and Surrounding Areas

Flatirons Locksmiths: Computerized Car Key Replacement for Broomfield and Surrounding Areas

Lost Car Keys Locking your keys in your car is No Big Deal. Any locksmith can handle that problem, and while we’re glad to help out in that situation – and we do it dozens of times a day – where we really shine is when you lose your car keys. You know – those computerized, digital “I Only Have Eyes For You” keys that came with your new car and it was your only one. The one that the dealer assured you no-one could copy or duplicate…except for them, of course, and with a hefty price tag.

These keys contain built-in transponder chip or “immobilizer” RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) chip that must be programmed in order for the car to function. They send a code to your car’s ignition receiver. This programming must be done either by a dealer or qualified locksmith. We have the ability to program and replace this “key” component. Most cars that were manufactured from the late 1990’s to early 2000’s were engineered with this technology and while it does in fact make it harder for a thief to steal your vehicle it also makes it harder, and more expensive, to get one made for yourself.

How about “Laser Cut” or “Switchblade” keys – with the shank that retracts into the fob? These can also be replaced. The shank alone can often be replaced if it’s broken, but if the entire key is lost then we can replace the entire thing as well. They are thicker than traditional key shanks, and the equipment necessary to produce (or reproduce) these keys is considerably more expensive than the equipment needed to replicate regular keys, but we have the equipment to do it and generally for less than a dealer will do it.

The trade-off for the convenience and added security of modern keys is expense and an extreme inconvenience if you lose yours. And let’s face it, no one ever loses their keys at a “convenient” time. We recommend that you be proactive and have spares made now, before one goes missing or is lost. Don’t rely on your ‘valet’ key to save you – those keys can have an immobilizer chip that will shut down your fuel pump – they are only designed for short distances, such as a valet would likely drive.

We are one of the leading locksmith services in the Boulder and Broomfield area so if you drive a car and live in this area, keep our contact info handy.

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