Why Every Property Manager Needs a Dedicated Locksmith Company

Why Every Property Manager Needs a Dedicated Locksmith Company

Flatirons Locksmiths, Locksmith Company, security services, locking hardwareAs a property manager, you probably have established a list of go-to contractors for services like plumbing, electrical, carpentry, and pest control. It’s important for property managers to develop a professional relationship with a locksmith company as well. Here are the advantages of regularly working with the same locksmith company.

Your Locksmith Company Can Help Make Managing Properties Easier

When you have a dedicated locksmith company, their locksmiths become familiar with your properties and business model. Therefore, they can suggest ways to simplify the way you secure your properties. For example, keeping track of individual keys for each single-family home or each unit of a multifamily building is challenging. Property managers can maintain access to all units by having a locksmith master key their properties. In case you’re not familiar with master keying, a master key unlocks multiple doors yet each tenant gets a unique key that only opens their unit. As you add units to your portfolio, your locksmith can re-key the new units to incorporate them into your master key system.

Having a Dedicated Locksmith Company Saves Time and Reduces Stress

Every time a tenant vacates a unit, the sooner you can prepare that unit for another tenant, the sooner that property generates income again. It’s not an efficient use of your time to figure who to call each time you need a unit re-keyed for a new tenant. Also, when you have a regular locksmith, you know that the company is reliable. You won’t have to deal with the stress of a locksmith who doesn’t know your property and how you want things done, or find one that is not reliable, which would leave you to find another locksmith to have come out to the property again.

More Security Solutions Than Just Locks

Flatirons Locksmiths also provides pretty much any of the security services that you could need for a property. Not only are we familiar with all the locking hardware for a property but we also install and service access control systems that you may want to consider if you have any larger properties that you want to limit access to certain parts of the property to tenants only.

Unhappy With Your Current Locksmith Company?

What to do if you have been working with a locksmith company for a while and you are not very happy with the service. Well things happen and not everyone works well together so if that is the case and you are just not getting the service that you need do not be afraid to switch to another locksmith company, maybe try them out for one or two jobs and see how they do and if they are attentive to your unique needs, just remember communication is key! If you have a current Master Key system then let them know so they can make sure they keep to that system. If you like specific locks for specific purposes, make sure you give them that info and then judge them on how well they follow your specific requirements.

Your Locksmith for Boulder and Broomfield Counties

Property managers who manage properties in Boulder and Broomfield Counties can make Flatiron Locksmiths their go-to locksmith company for dependable and professional service. Flatirons Locksmiths is based in Lafayette Colorado but we also service Erie, Louisville, Superior, Longmont, Frederick, Firestone, Niwot, Westminster & Arvada. Contact us to schedule an appointment.