Valuable Locksmith Services for Broomfield Colorado Businesses

Valuable Locksmith Services for Broomfield Colorado Businesses

Access ControlAn important part of running a business is making sure safety and security are a priority. Utilizing the services of a commercial locksmith can help you accomplish this goal as they provide many valuable services that not only help you secure your property but make life easier in the process. Understanding what these commercial locksmith services are and how you can use them to your advantage is essential to making sure your business is as secure as possible.

Master Key System

Although it may be a fairly simple thing, a commercial locksmith can also help out with installing a master key system. It is a simple, yet effective method of controlling where people can and cannot go, while also giving you complete control without any complication. Using this system is ideal for those that want to keep the amount of keys they have to a minimum, in which a master key system can bring it down to one.

Access Control System

An additional form of higher security commercial services a locksmith can provide is through a control system that uses RFID technology to read a pre-programmed card or fob that you can issue only to those individuals you want grant access to certain parts of your business. Using this form of security is excellent for businesses with confidential information or valuable merchandise. While a proximity card reader can be used at any time, an access control system can be set up to control who gets access, where they are able to go, and even when they are able to enter and exit the area.

Additional control with Audit Trails

If you want total control and be able to keep track of who has accessed which area and when your locksmith is able to install a system that tracks each time someone has used their card or fob at any given entry point. Typically a locking mechanism with a proximity card reader will record a type of time stamp in its memory of when it reads each card and by associating each card with each individual you know when they have come and gone. Common uses for this kind of card reader include access to a building, parking lot, or server rooms etc.

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