The Keys To Get You Moving Again

The Keys To Get You Moving Again

Keys, Flatirons Locksmiths, transponders, programmed to your vehicle, proximityAutomobile theft is big business, that is why manufacturers have developed keys that are high tech minicomputers, with transponders specifically programmed to your vehicle. With proximity keyless entry and keyless ignitions, you do not want anyone with a key they ordered online to be able to hop in and start it up. This is why if you lose your keys you could have a hard time getting moving again, and it will not be cheap.

Cheap is Not Always Good

If you have looked into replacing your key with one bought online you should know that the key you purchase online may not work. Although there are many discounted keys available, the key you purchase may not work for your vehicle or may not be programmable. The money you spend may be a waste and you are back where you started. The best way to replace your vehicle’s key is to go to a dealership or find a locksmith that is registered with the National Automotive Services Task Force (NASTF).

You Should Know

Wherever you choose to go they will need some information. You will be asked for proof of ownership such as registeration in your name as well as your drivers license. Depending on the vehicle, the dealership or NASTF registered locksmith will be able to originate a key for the vehicle based on the VIN number. When a vehicle is made the specific key codes, PIN number, and immobilizer reset information is stored along with the vehicles VIN. This is why a locksmith must be NASTF registered, only then are they allowed to access such security-sensitive information.

Why Not Deal With the Dealership?

Although it may seem like an easy choice, dealerships are costly. Finding a locksmith that can do the job for you can save you big money. Replacing a key for a luxury vehicle can run over $500 at a dealership. According to wikiHow, getting your key from a locksmith could run up to half the price depending on make, model etc. We see on average a savings of about $100 over using a dealership.

If you are in Lafayette, Louisville, Erie, Longmont, Boulder or Broomfield in Colorado, Flatirons Locksmiths is here for all of your locksmith needs and we are NASTF registered. We make remote head keys, transponder keys, and proximity keys also known as Smart keys, and we will originate or duplicate keys. No matter what your needs are we can get you moving again or help ensure that you keep moving.