Save Money on Transponder Chip Car Keys In Broomfield CO

Save Money on Transponder Chip Car Keys In Broomfield CO

Flatirons Locksmiths, Lost, Transponder Chip, Car, KeyWe all enjoy the benefits that new technology brings, and the tech in cars advances faster than many other areas. Many of the upgrades in car technology lead to safer driving experiences, but they can also lead to costlier car repairs and part replacements. A perfect example of this trade-off between increased cost and increased security is transponder chip car keys.

Most cars made in the last 15 to 20 years have special transponder chips in the ignition keys. These chips allow the engine to start, and prevent duplicated keys from starting the vehicle. This technology has made it much more difficult for thieves to steal cars, but it also makes car keys much more expensive to replace.

Many people will only have a single key for their car because the transponder chip makes duplicates a pricey luxury. If they lose their only key, having a replacement key made at the dealership is a pretty significant expense. However, a locksmith can create a transponder chip car key that works for your car’s ignition at a significant discount from the standard dealership charges.

A trustworthy locksmith will ask for information to verify that you are the owner of the vehicle and quote you a price in advanced. Reviews from past customers on social networking or review sites will be a good indicator of the quality of service you can expect from a locksmith that has been established in your community. If you need a new transponder chip car key anywhere in the Broomfield area contact us. Flatirons Locksmiths is a local mobile locksmith and we come to you in your time of need so there is no need to tow your vehicle and incur additional expense.