Improving Your Broomfield, CO Home with Various Locksmith Services

Improving Your Broomfield, CO Home with Various Locksmith Services

Electronic DeadboltImprovements to your home do not have to involve spending thousands of dollars on new plumbing and electrical systems, brand new appliances, or an entirely new roof, sometimes a simple thing like upgrading old weather worn locks can accomplish what you are trying to achieve. You may want to consider adding deadbolt locks to any doors that do not currently have them as their existence on exterior doors could also help you become eligible for a discount on homeowners insurance, which is very worthwhile for long-term savings. Focusing on other aspects of locksmith services can help you make drastic improvements to your Broomfield, CO property. Here are some examples;

Installing a Safe inside Your Home

When you have a nice home and nice things a properly-installed safe in your home can improve the security and your ability to protect important documentation and valuables improves tremendously. This is because most break-ins occur when the person breaking in knows you are not at home and therefore they have free reign of your home to search for these high value items but should they find a safe installed in your home the odds of them trying to crack it are extremely low, they will just move on to an easier target in most cases. For instance, certain documents that fall into this category include deeds, birth certificates, marriage certificates, death certificates, social security information, and more. It is also an excellent place to store things like extra cash for emergencies or even a firearm etc.

Upgrading the Security on your Sliding Doors

While you may have a decent setup for sliding doors and the latch may even work on the handle to lock your door shut, you should consider some extra security measures for these popular break-in entrances. Many criminals know that the locks on these sliders are not always that secure so they will always try to enter this way. However should you have a bar securely fastened to the back of the sliding door preventing it from sliding even if the latch is not secure this is an excellent deterrent.

Adding an Electronic Deadbolt to the Most Important Doors

With the improvement in Electronic deadbolts these days both functionality wise and aesthetically this is a great add-on improvement to consider. Many people are adding these to their front doors so they do not have to give out keys to everyone in the household, making it easier for kids coming back from school to an empty home, cleaners to enter on cleaning day, and anyone else that may need access to your house for anything. With these electronic deadbolts you can set multiple codes and change them as often as you like. For example, you can have one code for the cleaners and if your cleaner changes, you can change just that code so one; it doesn’t have to interrupt the rest of the family and two; you make sure they can’t get in to your home anymore. In another amusing but let’s face it, a sometimes necessary example you can give a code to the in-laws when they are visiting and then change it as soon as they leave… 😉

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