Flatirons Locksmiths: Why your Residential Security plan should Include your Outbuildings

Flatirons Locksmiths: Why your Residential Security plan should Include your Outbuildings

Secure your outbuildingsWhile most people take the security of their home very seriously, they often forget about developing a security plan for their outbuildings. The fact is that sheds and garages often contain high-dollar items that need to be protected from theft as well. There’s no better time than the present to inspect your premises in order to evaluate how safe your outbuildings really are from break-ins.

Don’t skimp when it comes to the quality of lock on your outbuilding. Thieves are normally less concerned with being discovered when they are breaking into a shed or detached garage, and are therefore willing to take more time gaining access. By buying a high quality lock, you can make the process difficult enough to discourage them from spending this extra time. Buy heavy-duty deadbolts or padlocks that cannot be cut easily with a pair of bolt cutters for your outdoor storage areas.

Windows and skylights need to be secured against unauthorized entry as well. You should make sure they have locks that operate properly in order to prevent them from being forced open. If the outbuilding is some distance away from your home, it can be a good idea to have bars installed on your shed or garage windows as well.

Lawn and garden tools should be placed inside a locker that contains its own heavy-duty padlock. That’s because these instruments can be used to break into your home if a burglar happens to gain access to them. By securing them behind two locks, you make it more difficult for them to do this. Even if they do gain access to your outbuilding, the odds of having them enter your home are greatly reduced.

Adding security lighting to your yard is another way to deter thieves from your property. Make sure the area around your outbuildings is well lit by contacting your power company about outdoor lighting. If your structure already contains an outdoor light, consider adding a motion sensor to it so that it will automatically turn on if someone approaches it in the middle of the night. Having a light suddenly turn on is often enough to make criminals turn around and leave before they are able to do any damage.

Your outdoor storage buildings are likely to contain thousands of dollars worth of tools and equipment. Just the other day we had a client who experienced someone breaking into their car while it was in their unsecured detatched garage, Why take chances on these valuable items being stolen, when we can help you secure your area easily and affordably? Contact us to find out more about the residential locks we have to offer.

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