Flatirons Locksmiths: What Should You Do If You Are Locked Out Of Your House And It’s Really Cold?

Flatirons Locksmiths: What Should You Do If You Are Locked Out Of Your House And It’s Really Cold?

Locked out in the coldImagine this scenario…as you step out onto your front porch to grab the milk and the paper, you leave your automatically locking front door open because it’s only going to take a minute.

It’s one of those freezing cold Colorado mornings that we see here once in awhile and there is fresh snow on the ground. All of a sudden, out of nowhere, one of those crazy gusts of wind kicks up and your heart sinks as you hear that familiar sound…”CLICK”.

The worst has happened and now you are locked out, it’s 22 degrees and you are in your slippers and Spongebob PJ’s, now what?

Help From A Neighbor
Hopefully you left a spare key with a trusted neighbor and they are home and awake and they will be happy to see you at 6:30AM, right? Maybe they will invite you in for a cup of coffee to warm up while they are rushing to get ready for work.

Grab The Hidden Key
Remember that brilliant idea about hiding a spare key in that fake rock you found at the Home Show last spring? Now where in the landscaping did you put that rock? There are only a few hundred to go through, under the snow.

Climb The Ladder
There is a good chance that one of your 2nd floor windows has been left unlocked, right? Well maybe, just this once, you did not close it all the way, even if it was 22 degrees outside.

If one of these situations is not available to you and you happen to be reading this on your smartphone as your fingers are getting numb, it’s time to:

Call Your Locksmith
If smashing a window, especially when allowing all that cold air in, is not an acceptable solution then contact us. We can save you from frostbite as well as save you from an insurance claim.

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