Flatirons Locksmiths: The Deceptively Complex Commercial Door Closer

Flatirons Locksmiths: The Deceptively Complex Commercial Door Closer

Commercial Door CloserIt’s probably the most used piece of equipment in any building, and yet its existence is largely unnoticed. The commercial door closer, from the intricacies of its inner workings to the vast array of purposes it fulfills, truly is a deceptively complex device.

To take just one example of the hidden complexities of door closers, let’s examine its components. Many of us would be tempted to look at it and believe that it’s just a metal arm attached to the top of the door, right? However, peering inside the inner mechanisms, we see very distinct and precise factors that make up the whole.

• The “back check” is the force that you push against when opening the door. Without it, it’s just as easy to damage a door opening it as it would be closing it too hard. Try explaining that one!

• The speed that the door actually closes when you let go of it is referred to as the “sweep”. If the sweep is not precisely controlled, the door will slam shut, and will no doubt do so very loudly.

• How the door finally closes is called the “latch”. Timing is truly everything here. If you were to take a moment to observe this process very closely, you would notice how the door would close most of the way very slowly until, at just the right moment, the sweep lets go, allowing just enough momentum to build to close and latch the door. It’s like a miniature ballet of mechanical precision.

Appreciation for the door closer only grows when you consider its many uses. They must be very durable as well as dependable, as they are often used in high-traffic areas and in fire exits. They are useful as the first point in security by securing the doors. Of course, we can’t forget our little rodent friends either, as door closers help to keep out pests. Also, being environmentally friendly, they help to reduce the energy consumption in climate controlled areas.

With all of the many complexities of this amazing and versatile device, it’s certainly not something that anyone would just want to throw up on the door without any prior experience or knowledge. A poorly installed or maintained door closer can actually be dangerous. So, contact us to have one of our experienced and knowledgeable experts at Flatirons Locksmiths come to your business and ensure the proper installation and working of this deceptively complex device.

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