Flatirons Locksmiths: Panic Bar Installation & Maintenance to Protect Your Business And Your Customers

Flatirons Locksmiths: Panic Bar Installation & Maintenance to Protect Your Business And Your Customers

Panic barProper installation of panic bars is of vital importance to your business and your customers. In fact, before any business that serves the public can even pass the required safety inspections, panic bars are required to be installed on any doors that the fire department may deem necessary. They play a very key role in the effective emergency exit plan of any business.

Perhaps the most important factor in ensuring the safe exit of people during an emergency is an appropriately installed and working panic bar. Also known as a crash or push bar, the panic bar is essentially a spring-loaded metal bar connected horizontally to an outward-opening door. The mechanism which unlatches and opens the door works by pressing the bar. It’s this simple, but unique design which allows people to leave a building quickly.

Given their importance, it’s easy to see why it’s vital that panic bars be installed correctly and maintained. A malfunctioning panic bar can potentially not only prevent occupants from safely escaping a building during an emergency, but can also keep the door from properly protecting against such things as smoke, fire, and other adverse conditions which it was designed to be a barrier against when closed. Inappropriately installed devices can even lead to bodily harm, the very thing its design was intended to prevent.

The best way to ensure that you not only pass the required inspections in order to open for business, but also that your employees and your customers are as safe as possible is to have panic bars installed and maintained by a trained professional. For more information on how your business can benefit from panic bars, including proper placement, installation and or maintenance, please contact us.

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