Flatirons Locksmiths: How to Prevent Being a Victim of Lock Bumping in Broomfield, CO

Flatirons Locksmiths: How to Prevent Being a Victim of Lock Bumping in Broomfield, CO

Bump Locks If you are unfamiliar with the term lock bumping, it’s a technique for opening a pin tumbler lock with what’s referred to as a bump key. While locksmiths have used this technique for decades to gain entry when no key was available, in recent years it’s become a major security concern. Most homes use cylinder locks, which can be compromised using this method. Lock bumping is quick and quiet, making it the choice method for many intruders. How can you prevent being a victim of lock bumping?

How it Works

Lock bumping utilizes the combination of a specially cut, shaved-down key and a gentle “bump” with a mallet or handle of a screwdriver to open a cylinder lock. This two-part action bumps the pins inside the lock, allowing it to open with little or no sign of forced entry. Additionally, the lock continues to work properly after it’s been bumped. So, homeowners and law enforcement rarely know lock bumping was the means of entry.

Unfortunately, a bump key is easily obtained. Potential intruders can simply order one online. The key must be sized correctly. However, other than size no other requirement is needed. Each ridge is simply cut to the maximum depth.


There are steps you can take to add a layer of security to your home. Consider the following.

Install bump-resistant locks.

Certain brands use bump resistant technology. Some of these locks contain an extra pin that cannot be moved through bumping. Others contain pins that are a special shape that helps to prevent the lock from being bumped. Replacing all your exterior locks can be expensive, however. Here are a few more options.

Modify your locks.

A locksmith can add to or change the pins in your existing locks. This process doesn’t make them “bump-proof,” but will make it more difficult.

Add chain latches to your doors.

Your lock can still be bumped, but it will add one more obstacle for the intruder.

Install a security system.

A security system will sound when the door opens regardless of how the lock was opened. At least if your lock is bumped, you’ll know your house is compromised.

The only sure protection against lock bumping is getting a bump resistant lock. Talk to the experts at Flatirons Locksmiths about the effectiveness of your lock system. Contact us today.

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