Flatirons Locksmiths: Getting Locked Out of Your Car In Boulder CO

Flatirons Locksmiths: Getting Locked Out of Your Car In Boulder CO

Keys locked in carYou know it. That feeling when you’re about to lock your keys in the car. You realize it at the split moment before the door clicks closed. You even reach for the door handle, but too late.

Of course, regardless of how certain you are that you’ve locked your keys inside of the car, you still can’t seem to resist the urge to peer through the windows at whatever angle it takes to be able to actually look at your keys, almost within reach. Even after having the visual confirmation of your keys being inside of the car, you still stick your hands in your pockets over and over again, as if the solution to your predicament will magically appear.

You try the door handle again. Nothing. You curse and shout, which is as ineffective as trying the handle fifty times. As the keys stare tantalizingly at you, you are overcome with the feeling of helplessness and despair.

Alright, time to rally help. The wise course of action, the one you know somewhere in the back of your mind that you’ll have to resort to eventually anyway, would be to simply call your local locksmith. What do you do instead? You enlist the nearest yahoo with a coat hanger who spends the next 45 minutes scratching up your window and door, swearing that it worked on his second cousin’s car last summer. However, your well-intentioned new best friend finally proclaims that there must be something weird about your car, and gives up.

The snow starts to fall, it’s getting cold, and, oh yeah, your car’s still running. Since you were just about to go to the gas station, you’re running on fumes as it is, and time is running out between you and a very long walk to the nearest gas pump.

Okay, time to give up and get real. Time to contact us. We’ll send our experienced, knowledgeable, and empathetic locksmith out in record time, pop your door open in a jiffy and send you on your way.

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