Flatirons Locksmiths: Automotive Lockouts Don’t Have to Ruin Your Entire Day!

Flatirons Locksmiths: Automotive Lockouts Don’t Have to Ruin Your Entire Day!

Locked out of carIt has happened to most of us at some point, we inadvertently lock our keys in the car. With many newer vehicles it is harder to lock your keys in the car but automotive lockouts can happen in a variety of ways.

• Losing Your Keys. Not everyone puts their keys in the same place when they are done with them. Although this is a good idea, many people simply throw them down on the counter or lay them somewhere and forget. If you lose them while you’re out for the day it can make it even harder to find them than in your home.

• Locking Them Inside. While it is harder to do this nowadays, it does happen. Let’s say you’re hiking in the foothills and you’ve locked the doors all except for the hatchback of your SUV. You lay your keys down to pick up your backpack and slam the door. While some cars and trucks won’t allow you to lock the doors without an electronic key fob, many still do.

• Your lock your Dog or Child in the car. How many times have you opened the door to pump gas or run into the store and left someone or something inside? We can tell you this happens a lot where Kids or dogs are locked inside the car and as a parent you are helplessly locked out of the vehicle with no way to get back in and not only is this inconvenient, it can be dangerous and you need to get inside quickly and safely.

Here at Flatirons Locksmiths not only can we get your into your vehicle in a hurry but we can get there fast as well. We can have someone where you’re at within 20-25 minutes. So when time matters, let us let you in. Just contact us if you’re locked out and we’ll help you as fast as possible.

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