Flatirons Locksmiths, a full service locksmith company Tip#10

Double door gun cabinetFlatirons Locksmiths, a full service locksmith company Tip#10. Securing your firearms. In the last post I mentioned the 2nd amendment and that having a firearm or the potential of owning one is a huge deterrent to criminals breaking into your home. This is a great segway into a post about securing your firearms away from children. Making sure your firearms are locked away and that the keys are hidden from your children’s reach and knowledge is extremely important, you should also not store your ammo with your weapon and certainly not store a loaded gun. It is absolutely true that guns in and of themselves do not kill people but if they get in the wrong hands they most certainly become extremely dangerous to the innocent.

We suggest purchasing a lockable gun cabinet or safe for all your weapons as well as a separate container with a lock for your ammo and keep the ammo container high out of reach. If you are going to own any weapons please do so in a responsible way and keep children safe. There are many options out there and a gun closet is not that expensive so if you are not concerned with theft of a valuable weapon then I would say a gun closet that you can lock is sufficient as long as the lock on it is functional and you have at least 2 keys for it, one secured away and one with you at all times.

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